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So the first place to start diving into the Argoverse is by subscribing to my newsletter to receive the Argoverse Starter Library, which currently includes the following:

  • A New Light: A prequel short story to the fantasy series: Roots of Creation, one of the primary jumping off points in the Argoverse.
  • Year One (Alice: The Last Founder Book 1): The first collection of the urban fantasy series. This is a full-sized book, and the first in one of my flagpole series
  • Ends and Beginnings: A novelette set in the Argo Force Universe, detailing the arrival of the first humans to Earth.

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Starting Point #1: Roots of Creation

So I have two main series that you can start with. The first is the Roots of Creation series. These are stories set thousands of years ago that involve the origin of a fantasy world.

Starting Point #2: Alice: The Last Founder

For those who prefer more modern stories, the Alice: The Last Founder series is the one for you. This series introduces you to a baby girl, Alice, who will eventually grow up to be one of the most important characters in the entire Argoverse, a time-traveling superhero who appears in every series in my universe.