Introducing the Argo Force Website!

Breaking news: Argo Force, an organization most of you have probably never heard of, now has a fully functioning website. Welcome! We’re glad you’re here.

What is Argo Force?

Argo Force is our organization. We want to bring healing wherever possible. We do this through subtle manipulation of time and space. We have created this website to help tell our story. Right now, you can read the ongoing story of our Founder, Alice, as it unfolds in real time. In this moment, she’s about to be born, and with each month, you’ll get to watch her grow into the legendary Founder we know she will one day be.  View her story.

You can learn more about our organization on the About Argo Force page.

Who’s the Author?

Right now we have a scribe, Jason Hamilton, who has helped us assemble this website and remains its primary writer. He’s even writing these words right now (hi guys!), though he does so on behalf of our organization. In addition to the ongoing story of Alice, you can expect multiple books coming from Jason as he combs through our archives and tells some of the stories we have documented there. Right now, he’s writing a book about Hamlet, though it might not be the story of Hamlet that you’re used to hearing.

What is there to see?

So far, here are the main attractions on this website:

Alice’s Serial: Right now there’s one prelude available about Luke. More preludes will follow this month, and the first episode of Alice’s story will begin on Monday, January 2nd.

The Archives: Explore some of the story worlds we have archives (and which our scribe has scheduled to write about), as well as some of the characters found in these stories. We expect this page to grow considerably as we glean more information about these characters, stories, organizations, places, magical items, and more.

Patreon: Our scribe, Jason would be very grateful if you contributed to our Patreon campaign. Doing so will allow him to continue writing more stories and unlocks various rewards for you!

Join Us: You can join by subscribing to our mailing list. This will help you keep up with the stories, and you will also get the first ebook collection of Alice’s serial for free (once it’s available)!

Our Schedule

Right now you can expect at least one post each week on a Monday. These posts include the following:

  • First Monday: A new episode of the Alice serial. This is our main event and we hope you enjoy this incredible story.
  • Second Monday: Background information. This post will add new information about a character, organization, place, event, or item related to the Alice serial or any of the other tales in our archives.
  • Third Monday: Become a Superhero. In this post we will help guide you to become a superhero in your own right. We’ll begin with topics like self-mastery, and move on to help you find opportunities for service and other ways to be a superhero in your own community.
  • Fourth Monday: News Update. These posts will get you caught up on any news that has happened during the month. Like this one!
  • Fifth Monday: An additional short story. There are only a few fifth Mondays in a year, and that makes them special. So on these days you’ll get another story about Argo Force in addition to the Alice superhero serial. Stay tuned to find out what the first story entails.

Thank you for reading this far! We hope you enjoy what we have planned. Check back each week for new posts, and don’t forget to subscribe or contribute to our Patreon campaign for regular updates and exclusive rewards.

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