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We have great plans for this website, including multiple ways for you to participate. But for now, the best way to join our cause is to A) Subscribe to the site so you never miss an update, and B) Do everything you can to make a difference in this world for the better.

After that, consider yourselves honorary Argo Force members!

are you a superhero?


You can also help us out by contributing to our Patreon campaign. Our designated scribe, Jason Hamilton, will especially appreciate this, since he puts in a lot of effort to write these stories down. The more you contribute, the more time he can put into writing these stories. There are special rewards for anyone who contributes.

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Other Ways to Join

We encourage everyone to become an honorary member of Argo Force. You can do this simply by being a good person and contributing positively to society. However, we do have plans to create greater involvement between you and Argo Force. Here are some features you may see in the future:

  • An elite membership that allows you to create your own character.
  • Additional items in the shop like custom Argo Force capes, rings, and other Argo-Force-issue products.
  • Potentially allow others to contribute stories about their own characters.
  • A member forum for discussion of Argo Force or other Superhero universes.
  • Costuming tips for forum members.

We hope that through these and other possible future steps, we might enlist everyone who wants to make a positive difference in the world.

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