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argo force founders

Jason, the Argonaut

jason-thumbYou may have heard of Jason before. He was the first Founder of Argo Force. He is best known in Greek mythology. Back then he was a bit more rash and stupid then he is now. But he did create the first quest of what we now call Superheroes. He gathered many heroes together on the ship called the Argo (hence our name).

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Luke, the Voice of the Hand

luke-thumbMany think that Luke was the first member of Argo Force. This isn’t exactly true. While he has existed for a very long time, long before Jason the Argonaut, he was not a leader. He left that honor to Jason, who became the first official Founder of Argo Force. Luke was there when it happened, but he existed in the background.

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The Elusive Woman

elusive-thumbNot much is know about the Elusive Woman. She first made contact with Argo Force shortly after Jason and Luke created the organization. However, she never stayed in one place. She appeared when needed, but shortly thereafter she would leave. No one knows how she would know when and where to appear. Some suspect that she has a special communication with the Hand, but no one can confirm this.

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Michael, the Archangel

michael-thumbYou’ve probably heard of Michael. He was spoken of in various religious text throughout Earth history. Yet his story is perhaps not quite what you would expect. For now, we have been instructed not to tell you the full extent of his adventures, but those will be told eventually. All you need to know is that Michael fought the Devil himself, or at least he will. It was after this fight that he became a Founding member of Argo Force.

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Alice, the last of the Founders

alice-thumbAlice was the last to join the Founders. She is also the only one to attend Argo Force Academy before she founded it…ugh time travel. Alice was also the only founding member (besides Michael) to be born in modern times. She was born in late 2016, and grew for many years as a normal child on planet earth. But she would eventually join Argo Force Academy, and also become a founding member.

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