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Year One

What would it be like to raise a superhero?

When a mysterious organization threatens the life of their newborn daughter, Kat and Sergio must leave their quiet life behind. Their daughter, Alice, is destined to become a powerful time-traveling superhero, and many would do anything to stop that from happening.

While on the run, the family must avoid monsters, survive on their own, and accept the help of strangers, all while trying to raise their baby girl.

Can they outrun the girl's destiny?

Year One assembles the first twelve episodes of this exciting, new serial. Alice: The Last Founder, is an ongoing story about a superhero destined for greatness. The story begins at her birth and progresses in real time, where one year in the real world results in one year in Alice's life. Follow Alice's growth from a baby girl into the superhero she will eventually become.

About the Book

Alice: The Last Founder is an ongoing serial here on the site. Visit our main serial page for a list of episodes, and subscribe to be notified of new installments, including the upcoming collection.

Series: Alice: The Last Founder, Book 1
Genres: Superhero, Time Travel
Publisher: Story Hobby Media
Publication Year: 2018
ASIN: B0787M83KK
ISBN: 9781946861009
eBook Price: Free!
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