Out of Shadow

Heroes are never born...

When Jak’s village is attacked by demons, she must learn to survive among strangers, with nothing but a seemingly useless magic power to aid her. Jak now has one goal: find her long-lost mother. But many obstacles lie in her path. Demons threaten to drag her away from her only allies, and there’s a new mysterious race of beings that have emerged, the mysterious Shadow Fae. They may hold the key to finding Jak’s mother, but no one knows what threat they pose. Out of Shadow is the first book in the Roots of Creation series. Look for it on Amazon on July 31st, 2018
About the Book

Out of Shadow is the first book in the Roots of Creation series.

Series: Roots of Creation, Book 1
Genre: YA Fantasy
Publisher: Story Hobby Media
Publication Year: 2018
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