Alice Season 2 (1st Draft) 100%
Alice Season 2 (2nd Draft) 100%
Ripples (1st Draft) 68%
Ends and Beginnings
Adam and Eve are citizens of the Aldar, a space-faring race traveling between worlds to survive on their natural resources.

When they uncover the secret to magic, they are branded as heretics, thrown out of society, and forced to start their lives on the nearest inhospitable planet.

The third planet from the sun.

About the Book

Ends and Beginnings is a short story covering our version of the Adam and Eve story.

This story is part of the Argoverse Bundle, which you can get by subscribing to the mailing list. In addition to multiple stories, you’ll be notified of new releases in the Argo Force Universe, including new installments of the serial, Alice: The Last Founder.

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