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dsc_0015_jasonhamilton-200x300We here at Argo Force have seen many things. There are many stories to be told, not just on this world, but on others around the galaxy. We realized that we needed someone dedicated to write these stories for us. So we have contracted Jason to be our primary author of these stories.

Jason got his bachelor’s degree in English from Brigham Young University and is currently pursuing his MA in Creative and Media Education. Jason has also worked building websites since the start of his time at college. He spent several years working for an online marketing company, and now runs the website at Howard Community College. He has built many websites as a hobby, including some like AllTimelines.com. And that makes him perfect for our purposes.

Jason is a huge fan of genre fiction. If it’s a well-told story, he’s probably into it. He is especially fond of stories that involve Star Wars, Superheroes (that’s us!), and Shakespeare. To read some of Jason’s writings, take a look around the site! You can contact him though the Contact page or through Twitter.

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