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Alice, the Last Founder: Season 1, Episode 6.3

Kat felt a chill and decided to step back outside to watch for Invergence. Or, she thought, to watch for a monster I probably won’t see coming.

Outside, she waited again for several hours. The sun was starting to set now, and she still hadn’t seen any sign of Sergio. He must have stayed inside in the waiting room this whole time.

A series of headlights caught her attention.

There were several cars approaching, most of them small, with perhaps one large truck in the back. Kat couldn’t quite tell in the waning light. Kat stood up to get a closer look. As the cars drew near, her fears were confirmed. They looked like a series of smart cars, with a large truck taking up the rear. Kat ducked behind a nearby bush as they pulled in and exited their vehicles. There was no doubt about it now. Invergence was here!

Kat’s mind raced. How on Earth was she going to keep them from discovering Alice? All they had to do was go inside and inquire about any young children there. Kat could only hope that there were enough children in the hospital that Invergence wouldn’t know which was which.

Men in suits began approaching the doors to the hospital. Kat watched them from her hidden vantage point, all but ready to dash inside to save her baby. Suddenly a loud noise escaped the large truck Invergence had brought with them. Something seemed to be banging on the walls inside. Kat turned to look, and so did the men in suits. The noise came again, and this time Kat could actually see something rocking the storage compartment. What had that kind of strength?

The men walked away from the hospital and back towards the truck. They stood there, discussing something Kat couldn’t overhear. Then, they seemed to reach some kind of agreement. Two of the men helped raise the truck’s backdoor. They stepped inside. Moments later a howl chilled the warm night air. A dark figure emerged from the back of the truck. The monster!

It turned and Kat could see the glint of its eyes. It was staring directly at her.

She swallowed, knowing she had no choice. She ran.

Shouts and snarls echoed behind her, but she didn’t look back. She ran for all she was worth, circling around the building. She heard screams from other people in the area, but she still did not look back. On the other side of the building was a ornate garden, meant to increase the hospital’s aesthetics. In it, was a fountain and a small makeshift stream. Kat ran to the water to test the only idea she had on how to lose this creature. She emerged herself in the flowing stream. She almost gasped as the chill water washed over her. It wasn’t enough to submerge her completely, but if she pressed herself down, the force of the running water pushed over her until every inch was soaked. She could only hope that would throw the creature off the scent, or at least confuse it long enough for her to think of another solution.

The problem was, she had none.

She couldn’t fight a thing that like, especially not when it had backup. She couldn’t run. She couldn’t warn Sergio. What had she been expecting when she went outside to keep watch? It’s not like she could do any better outside than inside.

She waited, holding her breath as long as she dared before lifting her head out of the water. She breathed in quietly and listened. Something was sniffing in the dark. It was close, very close. But perhaps her ruse was working. It didn’t seem to know exactly where she was anymore. But it knew she was there.

Kat submerged her head back under the water and waited some more. When she came back up for air, she heard nothing. She waited as long as she could before carefully lifting herself from the water and looking around. She saw no sign of the beast.

Slowly, she extracted herself from the stream and began walking carefully towards a back entrance to the hospital. Perhaps she could get there in time to warn Sergio and they could hide somewhere in the large building. Somewhere where no one would suspect them to hide. She tiptoed as fast as she dared, gaining speed as she approached the building.

A force slammed into her!

She flew through the air, landing hard on the concrete. Pain coursed through her, but she ignored it. Towering above her was the monster from the night Alice was born. Its eyes glinted with a strange intelligence, and its teeth gleamed. This was it. Kat was going to die.

The monster turned, its face to the wind. Kat looked up at it, puzzled. Why wasn’t it attacking her? Its nose twitched and Kat could make out sharp intakes of breath. It was sniffing the air.

A loud noise sounded from far away. It sounded like a large horn bellowing a low note.

The creature snarled and it leapt off of Kat, bounding in the direction of the noise.

Kat lay there for a moment, then gingerly got to her feet. What had just happened?

Don’t stop there! Read the next chapter!

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