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Alice, the Last Founder: Season 1, Episode 5.4

When they arrived at the police station, Sergio was disappointed to see no rusty truck anywhere in sight. He hoped they had located the right station. He parked, exited the car, and walked inside. Once there, an elderly police officer looked him up and down.

“Can I help you?” he said, wary of Sergio’s unkempt and dangerous appearance.

Sergio flashed a fake badge at the man that identified him as an agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. “I’m looking for two fugitives. We got word they may be detained in your facility.”

Sergio held out a picture of Kat and the other Sergio that he had obtained from their home. “They may have also been traveling with a small child.”

The officer glanced at the photo, then nodded.

“Yeah, they were here.”

Sergio’s eyes darkened, “They were here?”

“Sure, but I thought y’all sorted that out already.”

“I don’t know what you mean.”

“Well, I mean, because one of the feds already showed up and took them away.”

Sergio narrowed his eyes.

“One of us? Explain.”

“An older fella,” the officer explained, “Came in here claiming to be looking for those two. When he saw that we had them, he said he was ordered to take them away. Said they were undercover agents and that we arrested them under false pretenses. I mean, but what were we supposed to think when they were armed and had a basket of fake identities?”

“And you let them go!” Sergio’s temper was rising.

“Well yeah, his paperwork checked out. We even confirmed everything. He was legit. Speaking of which,” he eyed Sergio suspiciously, “Can I see that badge again.”

“Not necessary,” Sergio waved him off. “If they’re gone, my services are no longer required here.”

“Just for safe measure, sir,” the man continued, “You know how it is.”

Sergio didn’t know how it was, but he didn’t care. He placed both hands on the desk between him and the officer. He was about to say something when the old man narrowed his eyes at Sergio.

“Hang on,” he said, “You look a lot like that immigrant.”

Sergio had had enough. He raised his arm, his pistol in hand, and fired!

The shot took the man in the forehead. His face jerked backward, then he crumpled to the floor. Several other officers sitting in the room scrambled to their feet, reaching for their sidearms.

But it was too late.

Spurred by the sound of the gun, Sergio’s men came charging inside the room from where they had been waiting outside. Gunshots echoed through the small station. One by one, each of the remaining officers fell.

Sergio took a moment to peruse the files, finally locating the report of Alice and her parents’ brief incarceration. He took steps to avoid the slowly spreading blood on the floor. After glancing through the report, he tossed it aside. It told him nothing that he already knew. Immigration law, Sergio sniffed. It always amazed him how the humans of Earth could preoccupy themselves over such trivial matters. They had no idea the scope of what happened all around them, the epic battles of legions and worlds.

After a bit more digging he found their medical report and…yes! A blood sample! This was exactly what he needed.

He tossed the medical report in the trash and made his way outside. He didn’t know where his doppelgänger and family had gone, but he would find them. He had resources far beyond theirs, even when they had help from Argo Force.

He approached the truck, the one carrying all their equipment, but most importantly, it carried demons. He barked an order and members of his team opened the truck and slowly extracted one of the large crates inside.

The creature inside breathed heavily, but did not scream. It sat, patiently, almost as if it knew its services were about to be used.

Sergio walked up to the crate, and began opening the latches. His men hastily retreated from the crate and raised their weapons. One even called out, asking him to stop. He would deal with that one later.

Finally, the door to the crate sprang open, and Sergio stood face to face with the demon inside. It was of the same species as the demon who attacked Alice’s homestead that first night. It stood hunched over, but would have towered over eight feet if standing straight. It’s body and face were shriveled, and its elongated arms ended in sharp claws on disturbingly human-like hands. Its eyes found Sergio’s and they measured each other. The creature was intelligent. It wanted Sergio’s blood, but it new that Sergio could provide it with much more. So it made no move.

Sergio took the sample of blood, taken from Katariina, the mother of Alice and the wife of Sergio’s reverse self. It was time that this world lost her too. He threw the sample to the ground and smashed it with his boot. The blood pooled on the ground. The monster sniffed, hungrily. It moved on all fours, closer to the blood.

“Find them.” Sergio commanded the beast. It extended a black tongue to taste the sample of blood. It shuddered with pleasure, then bolted. Sergio sprang to the side as the beast exited the crate and took off running. Sergio waved an arm at his men, telling them to put down their weapons. Many might think it wasn’t smart to let a beast like this loose on a planet like Earth. But Sergio did not care anymore. He barked another order and a technician activated a drone, instructing it to follow the monster. Sergio would find his family, no matter the cost. He would find Alice.

The demon howled at its new-found freedom.

Don’t stop there, read the next episode!

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