Alice Season 1 Prelude: Jason

Jason’s quarters were not so much a place to sleep and rest as they were a command center. His bed and living area seemed almost an afterthought, tucked away behind a wall. On the other side of the wall was a large table, usually reserved for his meetings with the Founders or Argo Force teachers. It also doubled as an excellent dance stage at parties.

Most people, however, when they entered Jason’s quarters were struck by the awesome spectacle displayed on the wall opposite Jason’s bedroom. In fact, it didn’t look anything like a wall at all. To the naked eye, the room extended into space. Brilliant lines moved in complex variations—merging, splitting, intertwining in infinite possibilities. Most of these lines collected in isolated ribbons, like massive tapestries. A trained eye could identify each wave that represented worlds with millions or billions of people on them. This was Jason’s view of the infinitely complex representation of time, presented as best it could in visual form.

Jason sipped his morning drink. He was a tall man, with dark, curly hair that hung down around his ears, and a goatee on his face. His skin was a light bronze and looked like he spent all of his time in the sun. As he stared at the spectacle before him, he allowed himself to soak in a moment of peace. Today, there didn’t seem to be any massive anomalies for Argo Force to worry about. It was all business as usual, a quiet morning. Which means something big is probably about to happen, he thought.

As if on cue, there came a knock on his door. Jason set down his drink and walked to the large oak door to see who it was. When he opened the door, he was greeted by the cool shine of Luke’s glowing eyes. Jason smiled and motioned the Founder inside.

“Good to see you, Luke,” Jason said, “it’s been awhile since you visited me here.”

“I have a message from the Hand,” Luke said, without preamble as he marched inside.

Jason noticed Michael standing behind Luke. He motioned for the other Founder to enter as well.

“Jumping right in, I see,” Jason laughed as his attention shifted back to Luke.

“The Hand does not wait on our conven—”

A loud bang filled the room, accompanied by a bright flash that coated them all in a small layer of dust. No—not dust—sand. All three Founders were suddenly on their guard, but that quickly changed as they realized who had arrived in the flash. It was the women that Jason playfully referred to as Elusive. There were now four Founders in the room, even though Jason, Michael, and Luke knew little about the fourth. Well, Jason corrected himself, at least Michael and I don’t know much. Jason was pretty sure Luke knew more than any human alive.

The woman smiled upon seeing all of them. “Michael, Luke, it’s been too long!” she greeted them warmly.

“Um,” said Jason, “hi, I’m also here.”

“Yes you are,” said the Elusive Woman.

A pregnant pause hung in the air before Luke cleared his throat. “Just as well, you’re all needed for this one,” he said, “The Fifth Founder is about to be born. The Hand has revealed to me her location, and we are charged with her protection for these first crucial moments of her life.”

All three of the Founders looked excited at this news. Michael’s eyes grew wide, Jason set down his drink, and the Elusive Woman smiled eagerly. The Fifth Founder was someone they all knew would join them eventually. Only Jason and Luke had ever met the person (in their future), but they would not say much. Time travel often involved keeping a lot of secrets. But they knew that he or she would play an important role in the Foundation of Argo Force near the dawn of time. Again, only Jason and Luke had ever been there.

“Hang on,” Michael signed, “Did you say her? A girl?” This was more information then he or the Elusive Woman had known.

“Correct,” Luke answered, “She is born on Earth on December 21st, 2016. The Hand wants us to send help.”

“I presume Invergence knows about her?” Jason cut in.

“Most likely,” Luke said, a hint of distaste on his lips.

Jason thought for a moment, then went into what Michael called, “Greek hero mode.”

He stood up straight, placed his hands on his hips, and turned first to Michael. “We’ll need you to assemble every fighter we have for the night of her birth. Who knows what Invergence will throw at her,” turning to the Elusive Woman, he continued, “You, go watch over her from a distance, but don’t let yourself be seen, especially not by Invergence.”

The woman raised an eyebrow at Jason’s demanding tone.

Jason blinked. “Um…if you could…please?”

The woman nodded, muttered some words, and vanished in another white flash.

Jason turned to Luke, “If you could write down all the specifics, that would help.”

Luke nodded, then said “The parents will need someone to guide them along.”

“I’ve already thought of that,” Jason said. He moved to the infinite wall where the massive ribbons of glowing lines represented all of time. With a few hand motions he zoomed in on a few lines that were set apart from all the rest: five of them. He selected one with another hand motion and followed it along its path.

“What are you doing?” asked Luke.

“Sending myself a message in the future.” replied Jason, “Or I guess it’s more of a reminder since I’m sure I will remember today…probably. Anyway, I’m hoping he—or I— can send some very special help to the girl’s parents. They’re going to need it.”

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