Alice Season 1 Prelude: Luke

Luke’s eyes opened, and their light bathed the dark room. His eyes were not what anyone would call normal. They glowed a brilliant blue and could be quite eerie if you weren’t used to them.

Luke was shut up in his room, located near the center of Argo Force Headquarters. He had just finished sleeping. He only slept for three or four hours each night these days. His connection to the Hand made it difficult for him to calm his mind enough to sleep. Whispers and thoughts tread constantly on his brain, and it was one of these that woke him. He heard a voice that spoke as clearly as if the speaker stood next to him, something that hadn’t happened in a while.


With these words came associated thoughts, thoughts that Luke had learned to interpret with pin-point accuracy. He knew what these meant: the last of the Founders was about to be born. They would need to send someone to protect her, because if Argo Force knew about her, rest assured the others would also know too.

Of course, “about to be born” was a relative term. Argo Force Headquarters had no concept of linear time. Luke and the other Founders observed the timeline like one might observe a planet from orbit. But the Hand’s meaning had been clear: their next priority was to facilitate the birth of Alice, the last Founder.

Alice was already familiar to Luke. He had even met her a few times. Time travel made such things possible, but in the relative time that Argo Force Headquarters currently maintained, she had not yet come to them. Luke hoped that she would eventually arrive and train with the other recruits; his few experiences with the girl had hinted as much. However the timeline was not always set in proverbial stone. Things could change.

Luke rose from his bed, not needing a light as he washed his face and put on his robe. The others would want to hear about this. It had been a long time since the Hand had sent Luke such a specific revelation.

After he finished dressing, Luke moved towards the door. It opened by itself, and Luke exited his room. He began walking towards Jason’s suite. As he walked, the halls were quiet; most of the others were still asleep. Soon, he passed the center of Argo Force Headquarters, where a great energy stood, the source of all their power. Luke spent much of his time there, as his connection to the Hand would often grow stronger in its presence. He hesitated, feeling the draw of the power within. But his proximity also reinforced the message the Hand had sent him. No, Alice took priority now. He could return later.

He strode on, heading first for the quarters of Jason, the Argonaut. As the leader of Argo Force, he should be first to hear the news. Then he could inform the others.

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